Cover of Halcyon Rebirth

Halcyon Rebirth

Gabriel Jones never believed in the occult, or in demons, or witchcraft, or ghosts, or for that matter the bogyman. He makes a rather poor living as struggling writer and journalist. When money becomes tight he agrees to take a commission to write an article or two about occultism in the more rural areas of Britain. The writer heads to the sleepy village of Stonebank along with his less sceptical friend Anji. “Just a day or two. Dig up a bit of local history and get some nice photos” That was the plan. Plans change. Halcyon Rebirth takes Gabriel on a journey of self-discovery and revelation, unearthing the darkness beneath the mundane veneer of rural life. He will never be the same man again.

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The Haunting of a Lord

One girl is missing one girl is dead. Another body belongs to a surly and dislikeable game keeper. All three are tied up with Knighton Manor and Lord Horatio Shelton. The new Knight Commander of the Halcyon Order is dispatched to investigate. He discovers secrets, intrigue, revenge and a very powerful and monovalent spirit.

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Cover of Halcyon Moonrise

Cover of Halcyon Rebirth


Roanoke: The Dark Island

Set in the late sixteenth century, 'Roanoke: The Dark Island' will tell the tale of Josiah Black, an inexperienced acolyte of The Halcyon Order. The story sees Josiah grow as he embarks on a mission to track down a missing compatriot in a quest which takes him from London to the fabled lost colony of Roanoke in the New World. What waits for him on the forlorn island? Why were the colonists abandoned there? And what manner of creatures stalk the beaches at night? Exciting and mystical fiction, interwoven with historical events and a touch of H.P. Lovecraft.





Halcyon Moonrise

Halcyon Moonrise will be the second full length novel in the saga of The Halcyon Order and is still in the in first stages of writing. It will tell the story of Isaac Jericho, a small time London Private Investigator whose need for a well-paid job and weakness for a pretty face, results in him being pulled into a world of danger, intrigue and the supernatural.

Cover of Halcyon Rebirth