Halcyon Rebirth

Gabriel Jones

Gabriel is a graduate of Sheffield Hallam University where he studied for a Ba in English Literature. His parents were killed in a car crash when he was young, leaving his Aunt Agatha to raise him. Agatha passed away when Gabriel was still a student, leaving him
her house in the village Hoggersbrook. Gabriel makes a living from freelance journalism work while attempting to write a novel.
The events of Halcyon Rebirth take him on a journey of revelation and self-discovery leaving him a very different man.



Anji is Gabriel’s friend, confidant and debatably his romantic interest. Gabriel has been known to describe her as a ‘Mad, dope-smoking hippy.’ In Halcyon Rebirth Anji accompanies Gabriel for what she’s expecting to be a nice quiet weekend away, poking her nose into some local history.


James (Jim) Lowe

Gabriel’s oldest friend and the closest thing he has left to family. Jim works for a publishing company and spends a lot of his times getting drunk with Gabriel. Jim’s editor has a particular interest in employing Gabriel.


Professor Anthony Harrison

A professor of History at Sheffield Hallam University, specialising in the history of demonology and the occult. At face value the professor is simply a well-travelled and informed academic. Is there more to him than meets the eye?